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G Pet Hotel
Pet Obedience & Boarding
G-Pet is the ultimate pet training and boarding facility in the Klang Valley that offers a unique concept in Animal Care.
G Pet Hotel
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Distance From Current Location: 11288.2km
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Services: Pet Hotel/Boarding, Pet Training
Dogs Got Talent

Calling all talented fur kids!!

This is your opportunity to shine like a STAR... G-Pet Talent Casting is creating a pool of talented dogs with the potential to be hired for advertisements, movies, etc...

Register now at:

(Limited time only)

Nothing beats a well behaved dog!

Improve your dog's response and obedience to commands.

However,this form of training may not be the solution for dogs with behavioral problems.
Let our experts solve the problem for you.

20 lessons/days RM2000 + Boarding Rm400

(Limited time only)
Protection Training

Our professionally conducted protection training offers better and effective control, result in a more reliable companion plus develops and enhances the natural protective instincts of your dog.

Do consult our specialists for dog's behavior suitability.

20 lessons/days RM3500 + Boarding Rm400

(Limited time only)
Services & Products
Basic Obedience Training
Teaching Your Pet the 5 simple commands will make a world of difference and provide a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for bonding
Every Dog Has The Right For Education
For the best relationship with your canine companion, training your Puppy at an early age will set a firm foundation for a well-mannered dog.
Day & Night We Keep You In Touch!
We offer you our 24 hours CCTV Service for only RM10/Day
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Distance From Current Location: 11288.2km
Lot 298, Jalan Kota Raja A/27A, Taman Alam Megah Seksyen 27, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor.
+6012-231 3183
Daily: 10am - 7pm
Wed : Closed
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