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Rescuers Head To Crashed Indonesian Plane Official
JAYAPURA, Indonesia, Aug 16, 2015 (AFP) - Rescue teams were heading to the site of an air crash in rugged eastern Indonesia Monday after villagers found the wreckage of a passenger plane which went missing with 54 people aboard, officials said.
The Star / 3 years ago
(UPDATE) 44 Killed, 520 Injured In Tianjin Warehouse Blasts
TIANJIN: Huge explosions in a warehouse district sent up massive fireballs that turned the night sky into day, killing at least 44 people and injuring hundreds in the Chinese port city of Tianjin, officials and witnesses said Thursday.
New Straits Times / 3 years ago
Families Of MH370 Victims Renew Talk Of Compensation After Debris Find
SYDNEY: The discovery of plane debris washed up on a remote island in the southern Indian Ocean has rekindled efforts by family members of passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines flight to seek greater compensation, aviation lawyers said.
New Straits Times Online / 3 years ago
Beijing Wins Bid To Host 2022 Winter Olympics
KUALA LUMPUR: The capital city of China, Beijing, was elected by the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to host the 2022 Winter Olympics Games. The announcement which was telecast live around the globe was made by IOC president Thomas Bach at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), here today. “Congratulations to the city of Beijing on its election as host of the 2022 Olympics Games,” said Bach at the event.
Free Malaysia Today / 3 years ago
Bobbi Kristina Brown Whitney Houston Daughter Dies At 22
LOS ANGELES - Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown, died on Sunday -- five-and-a-half months after being found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Roswell, Ga. She was 22.
The Star / 3 years ago
Astronomers Discover Most Earth Like Planet Yet
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - A planet believed to be remarkably similar to Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant sun-like star, bolstering hopes of finding life elsewhere in the universe, U.S. scientists said on Thursday.Named Kepler-452b, the planet is the smallest world discovered orbiting in the habitable zone of a star.
The Star / 3 years ago
North Korea Upgrades Missile Tower For Possible October Launch
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea has erected a new, taller launch tower at its missile base, possibly in preparation for firing a long-range rocket to mark an important national anniversary in October, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on Wednesday.
The Star / 3 years ago
Zoo Animals In Athens Affected By Greek Crisis
Curious and noisy, a group of Madagascar lemurs surround Jean-Jacques Lesueur, founder of Attica Park in Athens, unaware that the special biscuits he is handing out to them are running low and they may soon not have enough to eat. Three weeks after capital controls were imposed on Greece’s moribund banking system, supplies of the special imported dietary supplements needed to feed 2,200 animals from 345 species at Athens’ only zoo are under threat. Like other foreign companies, suppliers of prod
The Star / 3 years ago
Obama Iran Deal Is Only Alternative To More Mideast War
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama, seeking to sell the Iran nuclear deal to sceptical U.S. lawmakers and nervous allies, insisted on Wednesday the landmark agreement was the only alternative to a nuclear arms race and more war in the Middle East.
The Star / 3 years ago
For Many Greeks The Lines Now Start At Midnight
ATHENS – ATMs are the new town squares here, the place where Greeks gather and furiously debate politics and economics as they wait in line to withdraw a paltry limit of less than $70 a day.
New Straits Times Online / 3 years ago
Why Did A Drone In San Francisco Drop Burgers On The Homeless
In 20 years time we will look back on the gimmick drone video as a strange artifact of the 2010s. Sometimes a marketing concept, sometimes just a joke, the gimmick drone videos all share in common a simple unmanned flying machine and the idea that that is enough for a technological revolution. The Whopper Dropper from 2014, recently rediscovered by The Independent, is one such artifact: A multi-copter with a claw that drops burgers to the homeless. / 3 years ago
Singapore To Pay Employers For Hiring Older Skilled Locals
To enhance a scheme to make managerial and professional jobs available to Singaporeans first, the ministry will require employers to publish the salary range of the vacancies in the job bank for Singaporeans.
Free Malaysia Today / 3 years ago
Millions Touched By Story Of Baby Doe Found Dead In Harbor
BOSTON — In her computer-generated image, she is the picture of innocence: a 4-year-old girl with long brown hair, chubby cheeks and expressive brown eyes.
MSN News / 3 years ago
World’s Oldest Person Celebrates 116th Birthday In NY
PETALING JAYA: Uncertainties in Greece have hit Asian stock markets and currencies, with the ringgit taking the brunt of it amid renewed political concerns within the country. Orchard owner Lee Shiong Lian, 55, said he was only doing his part in promoting the fruit and spreading goodwill all round in this giveaway touted as the “first ever in Kedah”.
The Star / 3 years ago
Jackie Chan World's No.2 Highest Paid Actor
CHINESE actor Datuk Jackie Chan (pic) made it to this year’s Forbes highest paid celebrities list. At 38th position, Chan is the world’s second highest paid actor, pocketing US$50mil (RM187mil) in pre-tax earnings, second only to US actor Robert Downey Jr, who made the eighth spot with US$80mil (RM300mil).
The Star / 3 years ago
Winton’s Children Rescuer Dies Age 106
A man who became known as the “British Schindler” for saving hundreds of Czech children from Nazi persecution in the run-up to World War II, died age 106. Sir Nicholas Winton died on June 1 with his daughter Barbara and two grandchildren at his side, according to a statement from the Rotary Club of Maidenhead in southern England, of which he was a former president.
The Star / 3 years ago
Britain's Prince Harry Has His Dream Job In Africa
Dr Morkel is said to be an expert at using humane techniques to safely capture and relocate animals, often by helicopter, as well as being known for his anti-poaching strategies, and Harry will also spend time embedded with conservationists and frontline staff helping protect Africa's natural heritage in South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana, according to The Sun newspaper.
The Malaysian Insider / 3 years ago