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What Does Lipstick Saids About Your Personality
very girls loves lipstick, and using it for all kinds of occasion. Do you know that your favourite lipstick tip shape can show about your personality? Check it out!
Monkeymedia2u / 2 years ago
10 makeup that every woman should know
We all put on makeup (at least some of the time) for different kind of occasion like wedding dinner or even going out with your loved one, but is your technique yielding the best possible results? Knowing the right way to do make up could help protect your skin and look more appealing. / 3 years ago
P&P Beauty House Special Promotion only at Balakong Branch!
P & P Beauty now having special 2 days promotion on 14th & 15th of November 2015 and only at Balakong-branch!
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
26 Gorgeous GreatGatsby Inspired Manicures
Love great gatsby movie? Here is some inspiration for you to to break out the gold nail polish and Scotch tape for great gatsby manicure. Even if the Great Gatsby movie leaves you feeling empty inside, at least your nails will be gilded.
BuzzFeed / 3 years ago
Infinite Image Beauty 15th Anniversary
Infinite Image Beauty is going to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year! It's been a honor for us to provide services for 15 years and we going to celebrate our anniversary to thank for your long-lasting support and everyone are invited to join this celebration! DOOR GIFT and many great offers will be giving out for all the participants as appreciation :)
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
33 Percent OFF 1st Trial For Makeup And Hair Do Service Only RM80
The Glam Academy is a professional fashion and artistry makeup Academy established to equip aspiring makeup artists to succeed in this field through introduction of basic and advanced makeup principles and techniques, giving the students hands-on and distinctive modern, specialized training.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Where Beauty Begins, Venus Fashion Show (Hotel Golden Horse)
Ever thinking of how a cocoon can change and become a beautify butterfly? We are organising an Fashion Show event welcoming all the ladies and gentlement to attend our "Where Beauty Begins" organised by Easecox International (M) Sdn Bhd.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Asia Esthetic & Skincare Exposition
An international trade platform which brings together the region premium beauty products and equipment from the aesthetics, skin care & personal care products, tools & equipment industry. AES Expo is only open to key decision makers and industry experts solely by “Invitation Only”
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Do You Pass The 2.25 Inch Rule
So next time when someone asks you this question,lend them a ruler and pen...
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
The Precious 10 Minutes Made My Day
10 minutes more dating with blanket early in morning means alot! So, it's worth to learn all these skills for your 10 minutes...
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Painting Lipstick Is So Outdated Try This
Other than colors, what images your lips bring? There are a set of photos famous in instagram....
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Over 80 Percent Women Never Know How Coffee Grows Their Skin
Caffeine contains in coffee has the highest anti-oxidant elements compare to any fruits.Drink it proper, Use it wise....
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
It's Not Mole, It's Your Blackhead!
Imagine how awakward it can be when your lover forced to focus on your blackhead but not face, under sunlight.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago