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Know Your Car Tayar Code
Ever feel confused when you getting your new car tayer and its not fitting right to your car? Worrys no more! Every Car Tayer has its very own unique code about them and we gotta show you how to read them!
Monkeymedia2u / 2 years ago
RON95 or RON97 Is there a difference
Petrol prices in Malaysia will be very different now that the government has removed the subsidies. If market forces are used, then RON97 and RON95 prices might be very close. In fact, it is about 10 to 20 sen difference which means that Malaysian drivers could well be using RON97 instead of RON95. So, besides the price, what are the differences between the two and is RON97 more efficient as claimed?
petrolpricemalaysia / 3 years ago
What to do if Cars Break Down
If your vehicle is having a problem while you're driving, try to get to the right-hand shoulder of the road as soon as possible, especially if you’re on a highway.Here are the things you can do
For Dummies / 3 years ago
Spec C August Promotion
In coming August, we are going to have a promotion for all of our supporters. Don't miss it.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
8 Things You Need To Know About The 2015 Perodua Myvi Facelift
What are the big differences between new and old Myvi? Read before you make a decision...
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
LCI 340i Spotted at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015
The All new BMW 340i is coming to Malaysia very soon. This is the first preview of the car in UK Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
5 Pictures Guide You Drive Like A Pro
Imporper car care leads your vehicle to an earlier damage.5 easy tips but nobody cares about...
New Straits Times Online / 3 years ago
It Is Much Cheaper Than Cancer Medical Expenses
Just stop blaming your air-conditioner, you should realize sunlight is the only one who makes you so irritable. With this, your are now more secure and reduce the chances of cancer by 50%.
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A Car
Buying a car can be very puzzling for most of you. It doesn’t matter if you have the money or you don’t, a sharp spender will always have many thoughts in mind to make sure the product bought is definitely “the one”. Here are six questions that might help you get through this..
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago