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Your Eyes Are Threatened Because Of Your 5 Unaware Habits
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Serious topic today, let's talk about eyeballs today, which some of the things you can go wrong with them.

Today, 10 out of 10 people wear contact lens. KERATITIS is a kind of inflammation of cornea, which is the outer layer of the eye. At first it can be as mild as general irritation, redness, and light sensitivity, while it can develop to a corneal ulcer that may even lead to permanent sight problems when the inflammation getting serious.

A survey stated there are more than half of the participants do not even understand the proper way to care their eyes.

It is not rare to see the results of being careless to your corneas.

It's never too late to rectify your bad habits. Read these 5 issues properly.

You feel wasted to throw your lens

You use the same pair of contact lens for few months, even though you know you should change them every month, or every two weeks, every day...

Remember, you can simply change contact lens, but not corneas.

You are serving your eyes with the muddy contact lens solutions
Have you ever think how many bacterias can grow in the lens case, after you soak your lens for one whole night yet you reuse the solution again and again?

You wash or soak your lens with tap water
Tap water is safe to drink no doubt, but not for eyes, it is not sterile.

You never take your lens away during shower
As what we mentioned in last point, water is not suggested to mix with your contact lens.

And in the swimming pool
Common sense, water in swimming pool is chlorinated and not hygiene at all.

Of course we are not trying to persuit you from stop wearing contact lens, but in order to avoid from regret, why not correct your bad habbits today onwards?