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6 Unpredictable Vagina Problems That Could Actually Happen
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
Unlike structure of penis, our vagina do not expose. It is so easy to get hurt with inadequate protection, and this is one of the reasons why gynecological clinics are much more than male specialists.
There are 6 unexpected problems could happen to your vagina. You may not experience before but you must fully understand your vagina today onwards, before everything is too late.

1. Did you left something inside
Tampon is the most common thing found in vagina. Other than that, birth control diaphragm and stray sex toys get chances to hide into your vagina too, who knows? Do not be shame to seek help from your doctor if you feel something hide in it, doctors've seen everything.

2. You have lumps somewhere in general vagina area
Well they can be vary in size and typically found in bottom of vulva. It is ok to leave it there but if you feel pain which means infected, it requires drainage or antibiotics.

3. You have hair follicle down there
Folliculitis is a clogged and infected hair follicle and they look like little red bumps or whiteheads, and in bad cases it may lead to scarring. However you can get them from shaving, waxing, or warm soaks, but head to your doctor if itís getting worse.

4. You smell FOUL
It is often a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), which can be caused by anything that messes up your natural pH balance, such as douching, sex, or antibiotics. Itís pretty common, and your doctor can prescribe you oral or vaginal meds to clear it up.

5. Pee and burn feeling all the time
It is called urinary tract infection (UTI) and you might get these from having sex, since the urethra is so close the vagina, and bacteria can travel all over the place. Luckily, these are treated pretty easily with antibiotics.

6. Your vagina refuses to get wet
Lots of things can cause dryness, like some forms of birth control, especially low-dose versions, allergy medicines, or breastfeeding. Try another birth control method or allergy med, or you can always put on some lube.