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Younger Generation Hold Bigger Chances In Getting This Disease
The Star / 3 years ago
What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that most generally affected by body weight hence it caused a joint pain and inflammation especially at hip, knee, and ankle sides.

While arthritis is not only offer for elder people; according to research in United Kingdom, younger ages are holding a bigger risk in affected by arthritis. But why?

1. Too much driving
Our neck and shoulder are tensing when we drive. Long term tension cause dryness of joint and it creates frictions easily.

2. Too much pressing
Smartphones replace everything in life. Stiffing shoulders and fast moving thumbs are the reason that cause your palms and fingers numbness.

3. Too cold
Air conditioner can be a big business in Malaysia. If you just canít live without air-conditioner, at least avoid entering air-cond room straight after hot outdoors, in order to prevent rapid contraction of bloodstream and insufficiency of blood.

Extreme workout canít help in soothing arthritis, so what exercises do not harm our joints but relief the hard feelings?

The four sets exercises below are great for daily joint care, therefore get yourself a five minutes super easy exercise in office right now.