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Know Your Car Tayar Code
Monkeymedia2u / 1 year ago

Avoid Getting Cheated! Know Your Car Tyre Code!

Ever feel confused when you getting your new car tayer and its not fitting right to your car? Worrys no more! Every Car Tayer has its very own unique code about them and we gotta show you how to read them!

Code Example : 205 / 55 R 16 91V

205 = Tyre Width

55 = Tyre Height / Profile

R = Radial

16 = Tyre Rim Diameter

91 = Weight Index

V = Speed Rating

Tyre Speed Rating Alphabet :

S = Max Speed 180 km/hour
T = Max Speed 190 km/hour
U = Max Speed 200 km/hour
V = Max Speed 200 km/hour
Z = Max Speed 240 km/hour
W = Max Speed 270 km/hour
Y = Max Speed 300 km/hour

Every Tyre has a 4 digit Code at the side of the Tyre .

Example : 0514

That means this tyre are made out from Factory on Week 5 Year 2014.

Every Tyre are only able to use up to Maximum 5 years, after 5 years of using same tyre, the rubber will be hard and not flexible. It would be recommended to change tyre after using more than 5 years to keep safety on the road.


When buying the new tyre, it would be best to buy tyre that made on the first year. If you brought a tyre made before the current year, you can ask discount for at least 20 % from original price.

Here are the discount price that listed over few years.

2012 = 40%
2011 = 60%
2010 = 80%
2009 = Free

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