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Da Zhong Bak Ku Teh in Shah Alam!
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Da Zhong Bak Ku Teh in Shah Alam! 大众肉骨茶开夜市卖粥!

大众肉骨茶在Setia Alam 开店也经营了10多年至今, 吸引了不少年轻和老顾客随着肉骨茶的药材香味,从远地到此吃以不同药材制成的肉骨茶。
现在为了迎合“大众"的口味, 大众肉骨茶也开始经营夜市卖粥!

Da Zhong Bak Ku Teh has been an signature shop selling bak ku teh that located in Setia Alam for over 10 years plus and it still favoured by new and old customer for their special herb made bak ku teh. Now they are selling porridge dishes during night!

大众肉骨茶的招牌肉骨茶有两种口味, 一种是经典的汤底肉骨茶, 另一种就是干肉骨茶.

Da Zhong Bak Ku Teh selling Bak Ku teh for two different flavours, one is traditional soup bak ku teh and another bak ku teh will be the dry bak ku teh .

一种是经典的汤底肉骨茶, 以超过25种药材熬制而成的汤加上猪肉, 豆腐卜等, 药材香味扑鼻让人忍不住加饭配汤吃!

( Soup ) Bak Ku Teh, dripping the soup with the white rice and eating with some pork meat and " Tau Fu Pok " makes you wants to eat more!

第二种口味是干肉骨茶, 干的肉骨茶是用熬煮好的肉骨茶肉和汤以干鱿鱼丝,蒜头,干辣椒,蒜头和黑酱油一起煮,煮到汤汁收干,鱿鱼和辣椒的味道都渗透入肉里,吃起来香香辣辣的,配饭一流。

( Dry ) Bak Ku Teh has been risen up these few years and its a special bak ku teh that cooked with Hokkien's way. The dry version of bak kut teh flavour is totally different as compared to the soup version. The dry version of bak kut teh is being cooked with additional ingredients such as okra/ lady fingers, dried chilies and dry squids, which resulted to a more tangier and sharper taste.

除了招牌肉骨茶之外, 大众肉骨茶还留有一手, 大众肉骨茶也有卖香炸鲨鱼肉, 猪脚醋等等!

Other than Signature Bak Ku Teh, Da Zhong Bak Ku Teh also opened up different kinds of chinese dishes like Signature Deep Fried Shark Fish and Sweet & Sour Pork Leg and many more!

大众鲨鱼油炸 Signature Deep Fried Shark Fish

猪脚醋 Sweet & Sour Pork Leg


And Now Dai Zhong Bak Ku Teh are open for night time for selling Family Favourite Porridge with different side dish to eat with your favourite porridge!


吃粥觉得味道平淡? 大众肉骨茶也准备了不少配菜如咸菜, 咸鱼, 咸蛋, 木耳炸肉等等, 粥配上不同的咸味的配菜,包你吃不停!

Plain porridge always taste good with these side dishes like salty fried fish, salty egg or even Fried Fish! Ready to warm your stomach up at cold rainy night!

Salted Egg 咸蛋

Kale pork 芥兰烧肉

Pickled vegetable with meat 梅菜肉

肚子饿了吗? 快来找我们吧!

Looks appetizing? Come and check us out !

Business Hour:
Open Daily
Morning : 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Night : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

9-1-2, Jalan Setia Prima U13/H,
Setia Alam Seksyen 13, 
40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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