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New Dawn Kindergarten New Intake 2016
Monkeymedia2u / 2 years ago

New Dawn Kindergarten New Intake 2016

New Dawn Kindergarten are now OPEN FOR 2016 INTAKE REGISTRATION!

快乐学习, 快乐成长!
Let the kids be the Happy Learner!

本幼儿园也开始 2016年招收新生咯! 本幼儿园欢迎 4- 6 岁的小朋友到本园学习知识!
We are opening the new enrollment for 4 - 6 years old children to join our kindergarten coarse, contact us for more info!

晨曦幼儿园教学非常的活泼, 以活动和游戏作为教学, 让孩子们可以更有效的掌握学习内容,也同时并重孩子们的生活常规, 让他们做个有礼貌的孩子。 们也提供了学习空间如阅读区为孩子们自由阅读。我们也以用主题教学来教导学生。至今晨曦幼儿园一直在面子书上收到很好的回应。
New Dawn Kindergarten Teaching are very interactive and fun, mainly using fun interactives games as main teaching method and able to let children able to understand more and keep interested. We also take focus on Children morality and teaching them to be polite. We also provided Learning Corners that provide children to learning through books and thematic approach! Our Kindergarten has been receiving good feedbacks on our Facebook for our teaching approach.

We - New Dawn Kindergarten are opening new intake for:
1. 半天制 Half Day Class
2. 全日制 Full Day CLass
3. 安亲班 Day Care Class
本幼儿园也有提供小学课后安亲班! 欢迎家长联络我们了解更多!
We are also providing Day Care for Primary Student after school!

本幼儿园的交通也非常便利, 接送孩子也很方便, 无需经过保安室, 因为我们就在保安室的隔壁。
New Dawn Kindergarten is located near Setia Damai 14, U13 Setia Alam. The transport is very convenient as its only just beside the Setia damai Guard House.

本园的学习空间非常宽阔以及明亮, 提供孩子有个舒适的学习环境和可以舒展身体, 保持身心健康!
The kindergarten surrounding is very tidy and having good bright atmosphere, providing the children a good learning place and spacious enough to letting children running around freely.

Learning Corner 阅读区


Children Fun Activities and Games From Holiday Camp

让小孩认识蔬菜 Letting Children to learn about vegetables

提供肥料 Providing Nutrient

松土和播种 Letting children plant the seed

现在快来报名入学! 别错过了!
What are you waiting for? Contact us more about registration for 2016 new intake!

如想要了解更多, 欢迎联络 Ms. Ang Ms. Ang
For more enquiries Please Contact:
Ms Ang 012- 2272211

New Dawn Kindergarten operating time:
9:00 am-4:00 pm
10:00 am-4:00 pm

No. 5,
Jalan Setia Damai U13/14,
40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

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