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Malaysia Gu Zheng Music Art Festival is here again!
Monkeymedia2u / 2 years ago

Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival is here again!

马来西亚古筝艺术节又回来了!今年第二届马来西亚古筝艺术节 2015是由马来西亚民族器乐协会和艺展音乐学院联合举办!
Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival 2015 are on its way! Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival is yearly event specially for chinese instrument - Gu Zheng and are organized by Malaysia Traditional Musical Instrument Association - MTMIA and KeeJan Music School !

Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival
Date : December 4 - December 6 2015
Time: 4th December 2015 8.30 a.m - December 6 2015 5.00 p.m
Venue : KeeJan Music School
Address: 28, SS2/103, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

马来西亚古筝艺术节的宗旨是为了发扬古筝, 提高我国的古筝演奏水平, 培养具有素质的年轻一代还有鼓励国民参与健康的文化活动。
Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival purpose is to promote on Gu Zheng instrutment, and hoist our local Gu Zheng performance level, develop interest for new younger generation for Gu Zheng and encourage people for healthy culture activity.

Here are some info on the gu zheng lecturer!

马来西亚古筝艺术节的项目有讲座会和演奏, 艺术节前两天主要是讲座会和工作坊, 最后一天将会是比赛和演奏。 在讲座会上古筝导师将会分享建议和经验给予观众。
Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival first 2 days will be mainly about Gu Zheng seminar and workshop, and last day of the event will be the performance and competition. Different Gu Zheng expert has been invited to join in this Festival to give important tips and advice to participants.


参与资格: 古筝爱好者皆可参加, 不限年龄和国际。请注意一定要带上自己的古筝
Any Fans of GuZheng are welcomed to join for this Malaysia GuZheng Art Festival and have no restriction on age or country!! But please take note that you have to bring your own Gu Zheng during this festival.


报名日期到 11月 29号 2015 年, 有兴趣的尽快报名! 别错过了!
Deadline for register: 29 November 2015
If interested please contact :

Ms. Tan

Quick! Get your tickets here now!

For more info please check here:
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Facebook Event : Click Here

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