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Sekinchan Specialty Eat At Yukoko Puchong
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Sekinchan Specialty Eat At Yukoko Puchong

适耕莊鱼乡风味, 浦种鱼哥哥饭店等来品尝!

Recently Sekinchan are raised with lots of seafood restaurant , around, their hometown dishes are variety with unique flavor, cheap price which attracts many foreign visitors and locals to go for appetite.
想要吃适耕莊鱼乡风味, 现在可以去 Puchong 的鱼哥哥-适耕莊特色蒸鱼头饭店就有得品尝!

Now if you want to eat Sekinchan Specialty Dishes,Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Fish Head Restaurant have what you wanted!

鱼哥哥- 适耕莊特色蒸鱼头饭店 隆重新开张,现在位于浦种 14 碑的汉民小学对面为大家煮出适耕莊鱼乡风味!鱼哥哥饭店准备了不同海鲜菜式如 鲨鱼汤, 炒鲨鱼,石班鱼头,干煎鞋底鱼等等着你挑!鱼哥哥饭店专长于烹饪各类河/海鱼,也欢迎顾客们自备海鲜或食材到他们本地烹煮!

Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Fish Head Restaurant now grand opening at Jalan Puchong BT 14 Kampung Baru, Puchong, Located just opposite of the SJK ( C) Han Ming Primary School Building! Yukoko Sekinchan Restaurant can cook any river or sea fishes and serving with all kinds of fish dishes like Shark Soup, Fried Shark Meat, Grouper Fish, and Dry Fried Sole Fish and Many more waiting for you to try!

如果有哪位家长小孩就读于Puchong的汉民小学, 鱼哥哥适耕莊饭店也欢迎家长在鱼哥哥适耕莊饭店那里停车安全的接送孩子!
Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Restaurant are also providing car park for parents to fetch their children from SJK© Han Ming Primary school !


Now let us check out the signature dishes of Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Restaurant!

双拼蒸鱼 Double Mix Steamed Fish

本店全马首创, 鲨骨上汤 VS 酸辣泰式味, 一条鱼,两种不同风味!两种不同风味蒸鱼同时上盘, 一家人老少咸宜, 两种口味会让你加饭加不停!
Malaysia first creation dishes from Yukoko restaurant!Shark Bone Soup VS Thailand Sour Spicy Soup,one fish mixed with two different flavour soup! Unique flavour for the whole family!

烤鲨鱼肉  Fried Shark Meat

鲨鱼肉是适耕莊的特产海鲜,现在你也能在鱼哥哥饭店吃烤鲨鱼肉了!说到鲨鱼肉 就应该会觉得他们的肉吃起来会很柴/干。 其实烤鲨鱼肉外面香脆,里面的肉就像丝绸一样嫩滑甜美,包你吃不停!
Shark Meat is Sekinchan seafood specialty dish,Now you can eat even at Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Restaurant!The shark meat is crispy outside while inside its juicy sweet, makes you eating non stop!

Baby 豆腐 Baby Tofu

是不是超可爱呢? 这是鱼哥哥饭店自制自创的Baby 豆腐,Baby 迷你豆腐口感香脆嫩滑,再淋上一点奶油汁,可以让你不停的吃,一定要试试!
Yukoko restaurant Specialty!Mini fried tofu with butter milk sauce makes you craving for more!

港式秘制黄金虾 Hong Kong Secret Specialty Prawn

港式出名的秘制黄金虾 就在这里!利用香港秘制的方式煮黄金虾,会让你吃出港式秘制独特的味道!
Hong Kong  Secret Specialty Prawn is here!Fried Prawn are dipped with secret specialty sauce from Hong Kong, try it out at Yukoko Restaurant !

臭豆叶炒蛋 Nioimame Leaves Omelet

If you didn’t like Seafood ,Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Restaurant also have Malaysian Favourite Nioimame Leaves Omelet!Served with rice is the best combination!

Now Dine In at Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Retaurant can get rebate voucher!
RM100 , 会给予RM10 voucher 
RM 100 Above will be given RM 10 Voucher
RM200 , 会给予RM20 voucher
RM 200 Above will be given RM 20 Voucher
RM300 , 会给予RM60 voucher
RM 300 Above will be given RM 60 Voucher

The voucher can be used for the next dine in at Yukoko restaurant and get discount!

鱼哥哥适耕莊饭店也有出售槟城土产的新鲜白豆寇汁!白豆寇汁的功效有开胃止渴,化痰止渴还有不含防腐剂! 他们也在欢迎卖白豆寇汁的代理, 不用去槟城拿货,到鱼哥哥适耕莊饭店就有了!!
Yukoko Restaurant also selling the Penang drink – Fresh White Bean Kou Juice!White Bean Kou Juice can stop thirst and giving more appetite,Phlegm and no preservatives! Yukoko also welcomes for agents who sells White Bean Kou juice and no need to get it all the way from penang!
What are you waiting for?Check it out Yukoko Sekinchan Specialty Restaurant now!

Address:No 10,Jalan Puchong BT 14 Kg Baru, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

H/P : 010- 344 9810 or 016-702 7849

Business Hour: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m - 3p.m , Saturday 5 p.m - 10 p.m

Source: Monkeymedia2u

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