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Jackie Chan World's No.2 Highest Paid Actor
The Star / 3 years ago

CHINESE actor Datuk Jackie Chan (pic) made it to this year’s Forbes highest paid celebrities list. At 38th position, Chan is the world’s second highest paid actor, pocketing US$50mil (RM187mil) in pre-tax earnings, second only to US actor Robert Downey Jr, who made the eighth spot with US$80mil (RM300mil).

Chan is also the only Chinese figure among world’s top 100 moneymakers this year. The 61-year-old actor has gradually withdrawn from jumping between building tops and riding down hanging wires in recent years. He hasn’t starred in a US live action hit in five years. Even in his Chinese productions, he has reduced his workload and physically demanding scenes. But this didn’t seem to affect his income.
Besides acting, Chan is also good at branding and marketing. As the second best-known martial artist since the legendary Bruce Lee, it is not difficult to imagine the volume of Chan-branded merchandise. Forbes estimated Chan’s net worth at US$350mil (RM1.3bil). Even as one of the world’s richest faces and perhaps the greatest living kung fu artist in China, he has always advocated frugality. During an interview with Forbes, Chan said he travels with a bar of soap from his room at MGM Grand in Macao instead of wastefully discarding it when it could still be used. — China Daily / Asia News Network.

From: TheStar

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