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Look Smell And Listen Before You Flush
MonkeyMedia2u / 3 years ago
What's normal and what's not when you look into the toilet? Ever think of what is your poop telling you? When it comes to popping, everyone is different. The following table will help you narrow down what to look for, so that you aren't needlessly alarmed. Of course, there are a few signs that ARE cause for concern, and those are listed too.

1. Separate hard lumps, like nuts

You are lacking fiber and fluids, drink more water and chomp on some fruits and veges.

2. Sausage-shaped but lumpy

Not as serious as separate hard lumps, but you need to load up on fluids and fiber.

3. Sausage-shaped but with cracks on surface

This is normal but the cracks mean you could still up your intake of water.

4. Sausage-shaped, smooth and soft

Optimal poop! You are doing great!

5. Soft blobs with clear-cut edges

Not too bad. Pretty normal if you are pooping multiple times a day.

6. Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool

This type of poop is on its way to become diarrhea.

7. Watery, no solid pieces, all liquid

You are having diarrhea and this is probably caused by some sort of infection and diarrhea is your body’s way of cleaning it out.

For your information, if you had soft poop which stick to the side of toilet bowl, it presents of too much oil, which could mean that your body unable to absorb fats proper. Be aware and seek help from doctor as soon.